Playing field templates and training aids for soccer coaches.
Plenty of space for structured planning, successful training implementation and match preparation.

  • 200 pages in a practical ring binder or each template individually as a block
  • For effective and organized training and match preparation
  • Clearly arranged pitch templates: whole pitches, half pitches, small pitches & match report sheets

Full Pitches for clear instructions, 1-on-1 game situations, more comprehensive drills and successful plays.

Half Pitches for even more detailed sketches, practice sequences or group tactical situations.

Small pitches for your ideas in training or to teach your players different basic orders and systems.

Match report sheets with space for lineup and squad as well as notes and details about the match.

In the ring binder, each template has a lined page opposite for your notes and annotations.

What our trainers say about the playbook

Ingo Anderbrügge


"It doesn't get any better! The different sheets and pitch sizes are incredibly helpful and help me plan my training sessions and prepare for matches.

Wolfgang Schellenberg

Co-Trainer SK Austria Klagenfurt

"The PLAYBOOK is ideal especially for game preparation. It has many different sheets and diagram and thus offers more than comparable books."

Manuel Baum

DFB Soccer coach

"The PLAYBOOK is great to work with. I especially like the different pitch sizes and the page where you can enter lineup and formation. Thumbs up!"

Single Sheets

For drills, plays, supplemental instructions, planning and tinkering, PLAYBOOK playfield templates are also available individually in blocks.

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